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The FUEL Model from Cause+Affect on Vimeo.

FUEL’s mission is to encourage multi-sector collaboration, community innovation and collective impact. It is a social enterprise that believes in people over profits. To walk the talk, the organizers of FUEL are testing out a new model where sponsorship directly benefits the public by making FUEL more accessible and inclusive.

The basic funding model for an event like FUEL is to cover 75% of your production costs with sponsorships and the remaining 25% with revenue from ticket sales. If the event sells out, the remaining half of your ticket sales are profit.


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The event was a live experiment. Over the last seven months, we have studied the work we need to do to move it beyond the event forum. One of the products of this exploration is The FUEL Report – a summary of the ideas and discussions shared at the 2014 forum, links to presentations, participant feedback and further insights into what we learned.

Looking back at the first FUEL has generated questions we’d like to share with you as we continue forward:

How do we embrace societal, technological and environmental shifts
to improve the way we live and work?

How can we work better with other sectors to improve the impact
of our own work?

How does sharing community data and stories improve our city?

How do we know we’re really making making things better?

These questions require new partnerships between private, public, community and individuals and we need change at all levels. Our city has an opportunity to chart a path forward that represents the values we want to live by and I invite you to join me to shape a movement I believe is positive and possible.

Our journey has been collaborative from the start and our partners THNKThe City of VancouverEmily Carr UniversityVancity and BCPSI  helped make the first forum a reality.

Happy Reading!
Jane Cox
Director of FUEL Vancouver

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