FUEL Vancouver

Please remember, Day 1 and Day 2 are different formats and can be purchased separately. We completely understand that 2 days is a lot to ask of our entrepreneurial culture. For that reason, we have designed two very different experiences. Choose what suits you best.

Here are 3 reasons to join us at FUEL:

  1. We all go to events in our own sectors. Green events, food events, tech events, design events. Its comfortable and we know many of the folks in the room. FUEL is your opportunity to get out of your silo and talk about broader shared issues. Fish folks talking to design folks? Something interesting is bound to happen!
  2. Understanding innovation means understanding creativity, FUEL is the beginning of the “C-School State of Mind“. This is your chance to immerse yourself in both Day 1 and Day 2 to get the full experience!
  3. If you don’t know the faces on this poster below, you should come out and hear their insights and then join them for a drink at the end of the night!

As Keith Sawyer shows in Group Genius, there is a persistent myth of the lone inventor, of the great genius slaving away in obscurity. But this is, indeed, a myth. Innovation usually comes from group interaction, from cross-fertilization between team-members and from rapid feedback cycles. Creativity happens in teams…

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For us, FUEL is more than an event series. It is a tool to examine the world around us and seek answers to big questions like, “where do we want to go as society?” and “how will we get there?” But most importantly, FUEL is a forum to bring together a community in real physical space and time to share ideas and stories.

Our FUEL Manifesto: 
Inspiration makes you act


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Someone the other day asked us “what are you famous for?”

We thought this was a weird question, but we had to be honest. Despite all the branding and design projects weʼve done for influential organizations over the years, we are most commonly known as the producers and hosts of PechaKucha Night Vancouver.

Weʼre proud of this. PechaKucha Night has grown into a fun, city-shaping cultural event that has inspired thousands of people.

But the Pechakucha 20×20 model was never ours. Yes, weʼve adapted it for Vancouverʼs unique culture and created one of the biggest versions of it on the planet, but its constraints – which make is so popular around the world – sometimes limits us in what we can do.

We’re creators at heart so we have decided to launch our own initiative, one that can bring in big international speakers, more in-depth conversations and deeper audience participation.


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