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Tim seeks to inform and engage viewers through his projects, using media for social change. He has extensive experience working with trauma and victimization, with a deep knowledge of human trafficking and the interconnectedness of social, economic and environmental issues. Tim believes we are all global citizens, that our sphere of influence extends beyond the immediate and he aims to use his skill to convey our responsibility to each other.

“Today’s distribution platforms allow us to do more than we could traditionally. We can publish, build partnerships and to do it without gatekeepers. Ethical journalism is key to the integrity of reportage, but combining it with movement building efforts allows content consumers to harness their own emotion and become active participants. For far too long the efficacy of a journalist’s photograph was lost in audience apathy. Not any more. The internet allows individuals to create social change.”

Tim Matsui lives in Seattle. His latest work is called  Leaving the Life: Stories of the Survivors of Prostitution and Pimping.

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