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“Trust your gut.” It’s a piece of advice we’ve all received at some point but how often do we doubt our own emotional and intuitive decision-making?

Research proves that relying on pure analytical thinking, as well as too much information, can mislead us.  Particularly relevant in today’s uncertainty,  we need to trust our own compass, rather than be given a map, to chart our collective future.

Explore personal growth, new mind-sets and “aha” moments in these 3 learning labs;

Learning Lab 1: State Changes
facilitated by Mara Branscombe

Learn about the integration of body and mind to awaken new pathways for idea generation, creative process, individual/group awareness and personal health. We will practice “state changes” through breath techniques, body-mind movement exercises, music and visualization.

Beginning with guided breath techniques to ignite the fire of creative potential, we will then move into “body- mind mapping” to awaken new perspectives. We will reference the elements of earth, air, fire, and water as a gateway into the creative process through movement, visualization, and sound. Whether you are doing this for yourself or looking for ways to guide your team into new ways of thinking, this session will leave you feeling more connected, energized, and ready to activate your visions.

*This lab is for all levels, no movement experience required…just come with an open mind.

Learning Lab 2: Sonic Tonic
facilitated by Vanessa Richards

Our ‘Best Minds’ Got Us Into This – Radical Humanity Will Get Us Out. Let’s not talk about it. Please.

This participatory workshop is inclusive, gutsy, transformative and beautiful. Priorities, targets, solutions and teamwork will be embodied. You will learn a powerful technology to amplify your capacity for problem-solving, creative thinking and risk-taking.
Your empathic and emotional intelligence will quickly become as, or even more, charming than a glimmering physique, hard-won academic achievements or job title. Really.

This is not left brain vs right brain. This is our whole human resourcefulness required to solve the problems of our times, of all time. It is ticking. Time. We feel it pulsing underneath the technology used (until our modern age), for work, reverence, play, love and struggle. This tool is a gift we are all born with. It recalibrates our strength for connection, collective effort, and shared goals, as a result of feeling heard and valued. When we use it, there will be no winner, no celebrity appearances or stars born. There will however be reclamation of a technology all of our ancestors used. Song. They knew that when we sing together – we work better. We live better. Together. All voices welcome to drink in the sonic tonic.

Learning Lab 3: Rethink Spirituality
facilitated by Emerson Lim

A Modern Guide towards the path of Liberation.This is an Inside job. The Hero of the journey is your higher Self. The mission is tap into your own light, so that you can free yourself and others from mental slavery. Your secret weapon is to practice selfless service, love and compassion. Your tools are meditation, yoga and random acts of kindness. This mind blowing workshop is a revolutionary approach to overcoming the influence of the ego by creating a shift in your consciousness. A simple, profound and inspirational lab on how live a spiritual life that is practical and at the same time radical.

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The sole charismatic leader at the top who keeps information close for ones’ own self interest and bottom line is no longer the path to power — creativity, sharing and empowering others is.

Discover your own leadership potential, learn (and unlearn) how to create and navigate in today’s complex world through these 3 learning labs:

Learning Lab 1: The Mindset of a Creative Leader
facilitated by Sarah Dickinson

Creative leadership is rich with paradoxes. So-called “creative” leaders are driven by their internal passion and purpose, yet they also have an externally oriented, explorative mindset. The change-makers and thought-leaders lead from the front by envisioning a better future, pointing the way and setting an aspiration; yet, they achieve this by orchestrating a creative team, often leading from behind to bring out the best in others.

Learning Lab 2: Orchestrating Creative Teams
facilitated by Magda Dominik

‘We’ve got to work together’ — that devastatingly simple and ineluctable mandate — applies across individuals, groups, industries, and economies. But are most people capable of the collaborative scale invoked by such a statement? How might we reorganize our collective assets when they’re already so entrenched within the predictable, almost comforting silos that we know and expect?

Learning Lab 3: Reframing for Creative Problem Solving
facilitated by Kate Sutherland

Amid today’s increasingly complex systems, it’s clear that the methods we have been using to tackle challenges are no longer sufficient. Sacred cows, conventional wisdom and the majority view very often stand in the way of disruptive innovation, and therefore must be challenged in order for us to chart a new path into novel solution spaces.

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What if the passion and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs could be harnessed to address complex issues, such as climate change, homelessness and unemployment? A rising wave of “social entrepreneurs” is starting to do just that by designing their for-profit businesses around making positive contributions to society. (more…)

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