FUEL Vancouver

The Future of Urbanity, the Environment
and our Lifestyle


Meet Jane and Steven Cox of Cause+Affect, the visionaries behind FUEL. They consider themselves nowadays, to be more akin to cultural engineers, building corporate brands while also developing civic, design and cultural events. FUEL builds on this vision with the creation of a community platform to help Vancouverites connect, share and inspire each other into action.


Since its founding in 2004, Cause+Affect have become experts on what drives urban culture. They want to change cities, impact society, help big companies do better, and small organizations thrive. Their diverse track record of projects and clients has positioned them as a leading brand consultancy with a reputation for top tier design quality, social and environmental consciousness and an uncanny ability to predict what’s coming next.

The FUEL Team

Jane Cox

Director & Founder

Steven Cox

Director & Founder

Jessica Wadsworth

Event Producer

Emily Liss

Engagement & Impact Manager

Carling Borne


Doug Hamilton-Evans