FUEL Vancouver

The sole charismatic leader at the top who keeps information close for ones’ own self interest and bottom line is no longer the path to power — creativity, sharing and empowering others is.

Discover your own leadership potential, learn (and unlearn) how to create and navigate in today’s complex world through these 3 learning labs:

Learning Lab 1: The Mindset of a Creative Leader
facilitated by Sarah Dickinson

Creative leadership is rich with paradoxes. So-called “creative” leaders are driven by their internal passion and purpose, yet they also have an externally oriented, explorative mindset. The change-makers and thought-leaders lead from the front by envisioning a better future, pointing the way and setting an aspiration; yet, they achieve this by orchestrating a creative team, often leading from behind to bring out the best in others.

Learning Lab 2: Orchestrating Creative Teams
facilitated by Magda Dominik

‘We’ve got to work together’ — that devastatingly simple and ineluctable mandate — applies across individuals, groups, industries, and economies. But are most people capable of the collaborative scale invoked by such a statement? How might we reorganize our collective assets when they’re already so entrenched within the predictable, almost comforting silos that we know and expect?

Learning Lab 3: Reframing for Creative Problem Solving
facilitated by Kate Sutherland

Amid today’s increasingly complex systems, it’s clear that the methods we have been using to tackle challenges are no longer sufficient. Sacred cows, conventional wisdom and the majority view very often stand in the way of disruptive innovation, and therefore must be challenged in order for us to chart a new path into novel solution spaces.