FUEL Vancouver

The learning labs allow participants to dive in a little deeper into topics and take-away new mindsets, techniques and tools to apply them to their own work and life. Because FUEL is a community platform itself,  it only seemed natural to explore how we (businesses, organizations and individuals) can better engage and contribute to our community.

The labs presented  here will explore community engagement through 3 different viewpoints:

Learning Lab 1: Business that Builds Community
facilitated by Amy Robinson + Katja Macura, LOCO BC

Am I really contributing to creating the community I want to live in? How does your business and your buying habits measure up in terms of supporting your community and local economy? It’s not as easy as supporting the local coffee shops in your neighbourhood!

Learn about the economic impact of businesses big and small, and how a new kind of “eco” footprint – one that considers a business’ economic footprint – is required for “best business practices” today. Take-away a new set of simple tools to evaluate and move your business (and lifestyle choices) to a place that creates the community you want to live and work in.

What are the supports and barriers for increasing the economic impact of businesses in our communities? How do we expect all the businesses in our communities to operate? What kind of culture do we want to foster that informs newcomers about how they need to behave if they want to operate here?

Learning Lab 2: Engaging Generation Z
facilitated by Kari Marken, University of British Columbia

This workshop is all about engaging with the newest (and future) members of the workforce: ‘Generation Z’—youth born between 1995 – 2010. How do they think? How are they uniquely positioned to help us solve the problems in our communities? How can they enhance innovation and creativity in our work? We will explore ideal (and research-backed) approaches for inviting Gen Z into our office spaces, work cultures, and programs to best harness their innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative contributions.

Learning Lab 3: The Role of Creativity for Civic Transformation
facilitated by Justin A. Langlois, Emily Carr University of Art + Design

What’s the role of an artist or designer, or even creativity for that matter, in the world today? Dreaming up a range of possible futures, solving wicked and complex problems, and exploring new ways to act and live differently in the world are just a few of the ways we might expect creativity, art, and design to enter into our organization, our mission, or our business.

But what do those things really mean? Is creativity really the only tool we need? This learning lab will take a dynamic look at a range of curious, cutting-edge, and complex art and design projects that stand out not only because of what they’ve done, but how they do it. By exploring the language and expectations we set around ideas of engagement, participation, and community, this learning lab will provide a way to unpack practices that will help you to leave with tools and know-how to do something transformative, hopefully in ways you never thought possible.