FUEL Vancouver

Just a few days before our very first FUEL event, Jane sat down with Mike Eckford of The Shift on CKNW to talk about her work at Cause+Affect, the production of PechaKucha Night, the future of FUEL and the culture of Vancouver.

On Vancouver as a project:

“When we came to Vancouver [from London, England] we saw it as a blank canvas of opportunity. I think a lot of the initiatives and work that we’ve done and the clients we’ve worked with … .the work we’ve done is very much based on the idea that we can create the society we want to live in. We’ve almost felt that Vancouver is a project in itself”

On FUEL and how it differs from PechaKucha Night:

“FUEL is a forum to examine, as a society, where do we want to go and how are we going to get there? We’re bringing together not only local leaders and innovators but also global innovators to Vancouver and I think that’s very different from PechaKucha, which is local for local. This is now connecting Vancouver to the rest of the world.”

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